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Fleet dash cams with GPS

GPS Tracking Cameras Prevent Accident and Lawsuits

Protect Your Drivers Against Accident Lawsuits with Fleet Dashcams


Controlled Fleet’s GPS Tracking Cameras give you an unprecedented glimpse into your fleet – they’re more than just a dashcam!

dash cams for fleets save money

Web-based fleet tracking platform

Refine Your Fleet Operations and Reduce Fleet Costs with GPS Tracking Cameras for Fleets

Fleet management is now smoother and more efficient than ever, thanks to Controlled Fleet’s cutting-edge AI-powered video systems. More than just dash cams; they serve as virtual co-pilots for every vehicle in your fleet, providing live insights into driver behavior, enhancing safety measures, and combating distracted driving — all without the hassle of binding contracts.

Dash Cams with Full GPS

Full suite of traditional GPS reporting features
+ driver recorded video

Improve Fleet Safety

Proactively reduce accident risk and avoid emergencies and accident lawsuits

Reduce Fleet Costs

Reduce overall commercial fleets costs like fuel and maintenance while improving productivity

Fleet Dash Cams for Commercial Fleets

Whether your fleet has 1 or 1oo vehicles, we accommodate fleets small and large

Distracted Driving Detection

Detect distracted behaviors like texting to curb bad driving habits

Easy-to-Use App

Intuitive Tracking App

Instant access to video evidence post-incident ensures that you can immediately support your drivers, providing clear proof in any dispute. Video evidence not only protects your drivers but also aids in creating a culture of accountability and safety within your team.

  • Built from the ground up with cameras in mind

  • Free training and library of support videos

  • 24/7 customer support

For Any Size Fleet, Small or Large

Elevate Your Fleet Management Game with GPS Tracking Cameras

Imagine having a 360° view of your entire fleet at every moment. This becomes a reality when you integrate Controlled Fleet’s Commercial Dash Cam with your existing GPS setup, offering unparalleled oversight. This integration not only enhances your control over the fleet but also ensures:

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration of Controlled Fleet’s Commercial Dash Cam with your existing GPS for unmatched oversight.

Instant Video Access

Instant access to video evidence post-incident, supporting your drivers comprehensively.

AI Distracted Detections

Advanced AI detection and deterrence of distracted driving, significantly enhancing overall safety.

Seamless Tech, Effortless Integration

Adopting Controlled Fleet’s GPS tracking cameras with GPS tracking technology means not just enhancing safety but also optimizing your entire operation. This seamless integration ensures that you can enhance your fleet’s safety and efficiency without any disruption to your existing operations.

Our flexible, no-contract plans and easy integration with existing systems provide a potent and unified platform for managing your fleet, highlighted by:

No Contracts

The flexibility of no-contract plans with Controlled Fleet’s innovative dash cams.

Easy Setup

The ability to easily integrate our solutions with your current GPS system.

24/7 Support

We are always available to train you or help troubleshoot any technical issues.

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

We serve fleets of any shape and size with No Contract fleet dash cams for fleet management.

Considering taking your fleet management to new heights? Reach out to Controlled Fleet today and explore how our advanced dash cam solutions can bring about meaningful changes in your specific industry, driving your fleet towards a future marked by safety, efficiency, and innovation.

dash cams for fleets help exonerate drivers
fleet managers reduce costs with dash cams for fleets
Commercial Fleets
Emergency Services
Waste Management

GPS Tracking Cameras Boost Safety and Slash Costs

Driver behavior has a profound impact on both fuel costs and the likelihood of accidents. Controlled Fleet’s innovative solutions are designed to encourage safer driving habits, safeguarding your drivers, and positively impacting your bottom line.

Promoting safer driving habits not only protects your drivers but also contributes to significant cost savings, particularly in terms of fuel consumption and potential accident-related expenses.

Save Money

Address the impact of driver behavior on fuel consumption and accident rates.

Reduce Accident Rates

Promote safer driving habits to protect your team and your financial assets.

Exonerate Drivers

Prove driver innocence in nuclear verdict multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Save Money on Maintenance Repairs

Using maintenance reminders to stay on top of the necessary upkeep of your vehicles will help you avoid costly repairs in the long run. Regularly scheduled maintenance also ensures your vehicles are in peak condition with less of a chance of breakdowns and the expenses they bring.

Average Cost of Repairs









Nationwide Service Provider

A Fresh Take on Fleet Management

You no longer have to rely solely on GPS data for insight into your fleet. With Controlled Fleet, our GPS tracking cameras provide live video footage giving a complete picture of your fleet’s operations, providing key benefits including cost reduction, enhanced safety, and improved dispute resolution.

These advantages are made possible by:

  • Moving beyond basic GPS data to get a comprehensive view of your fleet’s activities.

  • Using live footage for an in-depth understanding of driver behavior and fleet operations.

The Hard Truth About Road Safety

The increasing incidents of distracted driving highlight the urgent need for proactive safety measures. Fleet managers need to understand the stark reality of road safety through compelling statistics. “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving claimed 3,522 lives in 2021.”

Fleet managers recognize the potential of onboard video monitoring to significantly mitigate road incidents. Controlled Fleet’s video-based safety monitoring systems offer a robust solution to this challenge, potentially reducing accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

fleet dash camera

Uniquely Identify Different Forms of Distraction

Texting while driving is the no. 1 threat on the road today. In addition, eating / smoking / drowsy driving largely contribute to accident statistics. Our dash cams can alert your drivers to the distracted offense and get their eyes back on the road.

Coach Your Drivers Honestly and Effectively

All distracted driving events are tallied up into a report card for each driver. Emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing road safety can lead to a more informed approach to fleet management, prioritizing the well-being of drivers and the public as well.

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Total Crashes by Vehicle Type 2021

The average driver has a 1 in 107 chance of being involved in a car accident EACH YEAR. Understanding the risk factors associated with managing a fleet is crucial in preparing and preventing potential accidents. It is important to highlight ongoing driver training for road safety to minimize the chance of being involved in a vehicle incident.


Large Trucks


Buses (Large)


Trucks and Buses


All Vehicle Types

No Contract Solutions Provider

Experience the Controlled Fleet Advantage

Discover how Controlled Fleet’s AI-enhanced fleet dash cams can revolutionize your fleet management. From elevating safety standards and detecting distracted driving to providing real-time insights and potentially lowering insurance costs, Controlled Fleet is your dedicated partner in steering your fleet towards a safer, more efficient future. This partnership offers:

  • A chance to see firsthand how our AI-enhanced dash cams can transform your approach to fleet safety and management.

  • The opportunity to benefit from Controlled Fleet’s expertise in monitoring compliance and conducting real-time incident analysis.

Save Money

Reduce Fleet costs

Save Money and Improve Overall Productivity

Our comprehensive approach to fleet management not only increases operational efficiency but also gives a fuller understanding of the challenges and opportunities within your fleet.

Improved Productivity and Safety with Dash Cams

Over 20% saved in fuel costs from idling engines and speeding
Over 20% saved on maintenance fees from vehicle wear and tear
Over 30% improvement in overall fleet productivity

Transformative Tech for Your Fleet

Controlled Fleet’s GPS dashcam app is more than a tool; it’s a revolutionary game-changer for fleet management. Our GPS tracking cameras come equipped with both driver and road-facing footage, GPS tracking, live streaming, and instant alerts for unexpected events, you’re constantly in the know.

This level of insight and control transforms the way you manage your fleet, turning uncertainties into informed decisions that significantly boost efficiency and safety.

By partnering with Controlled Fleet, you gain access to a suite of advanced tools and technologies designed to enhance every aspect of your fleet management, from safety and compliance to efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

distracted driving cameras
  • Enjoy full operational visibility with our GPS dashcam app, featuring comprehensive driver and road-facing footage.

  • Benefit from a comprehensive dash cam with a GPS interface for real-time streaming and instant access to trip data.

  • Receive instant notifications for unexpected driving events, enabling a rapid and informed response.

Month-to-Month Plans

We’re Here for Your Fleet. Call Us Today at
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At Controlled Fleet, we’re committed to your success. Our cloud-based dash cam systems provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring you have all the necessary tools to manage your fleet effectively, regardless of your location. With features like real-time GPS tracking cameras, predictive maintenance, and actionable insights, we’re dedicated to supporting your fleet’s efficiency, profitability, and safety.

  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees

  • Comprehensive fleet oversight offered by our cloud-based dash cam systems.

  • The ability to leverage real-time tracking, predictive analytics, and actionable insights to achieve operational excellence.


Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our dash cam systems

What are effective strategies to overcome driver resistance to fleet dash cams?2023-07-10T15:25:35+00:00

To address driver pushback and foster acceptance of dash cams as valuable tools for success and protection, consider the following strategies:

1. Clarify the purpose: Emphasize that only safety-related footage will be reviewed by authorized personnel, alleviating concerns about constant monitoring.

2. Provide evidence: Show employees examples of accident footage where drivers were exonerated, illustrating how dash cams can contribute to their job security and personal well-being.

3. Incentivize compliance: Boost morale by implementing rewards programs and other incentives that highlight drivers in your fleet who consistently adhere to proper safety protocols.

By implementing these approaches, you can promote a positive perception of dash cams among your employees and facilitate their integration into your operations.

Are There Fees Associated with Retrieving Driver Footage?2023-07-10T15:27:22+00:00

No, Controlled Fleet does not charge you to download video footage of your drivers.

Do Your Dash Cams Feature Night Vision?2023-07-10T15:29:59+00:00

Our dash cams boast advanced infrared technology, which enables them to capture high-quality, night-vision-enhanced 1080p video even in low-light conditions. With this essential feature, you can rest assured that your recordings will remain clear and detailed, providing you with reliable evidence, no matter the time of day. Say goodbye to blurry or grainy footage.

Can I Live Stream My Drivers in Real-Time?2023-07-10T15:32:17+00:00

Our fleet dash cam system offers a valuable live streaming functionality that enables you to monitor your drivers’ trips in real-time.

With this feature, you can view their journeys as they happen, allowing you to stay updated and aware.

Additionally, all live streaming footage is conveniently captured instantly and can be easily stored and accessed on your desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. you can also have the option to have the footage emailed directly to you for further convenience and record-keeping purposes.

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