Video Footage and a Full Suite of Real Time Reports

GPS Camera Systems are Now the New Standard in GPS Tracking

Fleet managers no longer need to rely on basic dots on a map. Our dash camera with real time reports and video footage puts you in the vehicle with your drivers for true insight into your fleet’s activity.

fleet dash cam system

1080p Driver / Road Views

High definition dash camera video footage of roadside / driverside views for full vehicle visibility.

Web-Based Tracking App

Our real time web-based tracking application comes with a full suite of GPS features to manage your fleet and reduce costs.

Easy Access Cloud Storage

All video footage recorded by our camera system is stored in the cloud for up to 3 months.

GPS Camera Overview
Web-based Dash Camera Tracking App for Fleet Safety

All Your Video Footage at the Click of a Button

Controlled Fleet’s dash camera system captures crucial video footage so your fleet is never left vulnerable to accident lawyers and nuclear verdicts.

Record Video Evidence

All critical video evidence is uploaded to the cloud automatically

Pull Video Footage

All video footage can easily be downloaded by date, time, trip and more

Improve Your Fleet’s Productivity

through route optimization for faster delivery

Improve Your Overall Fleet Safety

with distracted driving texting detection

Reduce Your Overall Fleet Expenses

such as fuel costs, maintenance fees and more

Live Stream Functionality

All cameras come with live streaming to check in on your drivers in real-time

Dash Camera with GPS Tracking

Reduce Accident Risk

Be Notified of Distracted Driving and Other Dangerous Driving Behaviors

Controlled Fleet’s camera system with GPS tracking can instantly notify YOU and your DRIVER of concerning driving behaviors. Get email notifications with footage of the distracted driving events as well as in-cab audio alerts to get your drivers’ attention back on the road.

Camera System with Distracted Driving Detection

Improve Driver Safety with Unique Distracted Driving Detection

The best way to reduce accident risk is to take a proactive approach to fleet safety. Controlled Fleet’s camera system with GPS tracking uses advanced AI to uniquely detect distracted driving and other forms of dangerous driving behaviors.

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AI Dash Cams

Distracted Driving Events Detected Include:

dash cam footage

Texting While Driving

dash cam video

Eating While Driving

exonerate drivers

Smoking While Driving

fleet dash cam systems

Inattentive Driving Behavior

fleet safety

Seatbelt Alert Notifications

Don’t Fall Victim to the Accident Lawyers!

Without video footage evidence, your fleet is vulnerable to multi-million dollar lawsuits. Having a dash camera with GPS tracking can help you avoid nuclear verdicts by exonerating drivers from fault.

Fight against false claims

False claims, conflicting testimonies and lack of witnesses can all work against you. A camera system with video footage will always tell the full story.

Keep insurance premiums low

Exonerating drivers from fault with a camera system will also keep your insurance premiums low, saving your fleet thousands in the long run.

Get your drivers back on the road

Accident lawsuits can incapacitate your fleet by taking up valuable time and resources. Expediate the claims process with a camera system so your drivers can get back on the road.

Learn More Now

Web-Based and Mobile App

Take a Tour of Our Dash Camera with GPS Tracking Systems

See how easy our fleet dash cam system is to use. Fleet managers can hop right in and immediately start using all the GPS tracking features are used to, combined with video footage events for actionable insights. Features include hard brake, hard turn and speeding alerts, distracted driving notifications, driver report cards and more.

  • Web-Based and Mobile App Versions

  • Unlimited training with a library of support videos

  • 24/7 customer support

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

We serve fleets of any shape and size with No Contract fleet dash cam systems for fleet management.

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Commercial Fleets
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Emergency Services
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Waste Management

Our Camera Systems Respect The Privacy of Your Drivers

We encourage fleet managers to let their drivers know: a dash camera with GPS tracking is there for THEIR benefit. Not only that, but the dash camera is NOT continuously recording them 24/7. By reassuring your drivers someone will not be watching their each and every move, you can incorporate fleet dash cameras with less resistance.

All dash cam footage is safely stored on our cloud servers and kept private. Only critical events and distracted driving alerts are uploaded to the cloud automatically. Plus, dash cams can give your drivers peace of mind knowing they are protected on the road if there is ever a vehicle collision incident. By exonerating drivers with video evidence, your employees will be thankful the fleet dash cam system is there to have their back.

Proactive Safety

Reduce Accident Risk

Assess Performance and Improve Fleet Safety with Driver Scorecards

You can use our fleet dash cam system to assess your driver’s performance and provide coaching opportunities where needed. Our GPS tracking application tallies up distracted driving alerts, speeding alerts, hard brake alerts and more and assigns a Grade based on their activity (‘Excellent, Good, Needs Improvement, etc.’).

Distracted Driving Cameras with Hi-Def Dash Cam Video

The Controlled Fleet app integrates with our 1080p fleet dash cams with real-time tracking for pristine video evidence recordings. You can capture crystal clear video of of the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the vehicle. This combined with detailed GPS data offers insight not previously offered by fleet tracking systems.

With features such as real-time live streaming, in-cab audio alerts for texting, smoking, eating and other dangerous driving behaviors, you can proactively improve driver safety and drastically reduce accident risk.

Our fleet dash cam solution also comes with panic button alerts for your drivers to capture video evidence BEFORE and AFTER a vehicle incident. The fleet dash cams can also record audio if allowed by your state’s privacy laws.

distracted driving cameras
  • Fleet dash cameras with 1080p video feeds of the driver-side / roadside of the vehicle for exonerating drivers. All  cameras come with night vision modes.

  • Straight forward installation for fleet dash cameras. Options include hard-wired and plug and play (OBDII / JBUS / Cigarette Lighter Adapter).

  • Live streaming fleet dash cameras for improved fleet safety. Fleet managers can periodically check up on their drivers in real-time while the vehicle is out on the road. Fleet dash cameras can also be woken up while the vehicle is parked for security checks.

  • No contracts. We feature month-to-month plans with no multiple-year commitments.

Month-to-Month Plans

Want a Demo of Our Fleet Dash Cameras? Call (833) 346-1850

Our fleet dash cam solution comes complete with NO CONTRACTS whatsoever. You will not be locked in to a multiple year plans as we want to earn your loyalty each and every month. We can customize our pricing for fleet managers based on their unique industry and specific needs.

Call (833) 346-1850 for a demonstration of our fleet dash cam solution today!

  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees

  • Real-time remote access to video footage no matter where you are

  • Receive friendly customer service and support whenever you need it