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No Contract Dash Cams with GPS

Save THOUSANDS on Unnecessary Fleet Costs with Dash Cams from Controlled Fleet

The use of dash cams equipped with GPS technology is not only beneficial for recording driving activities and events, but it can also provide significant savings that pay for the costs of dash cams themselves.

Refine Your Daily Operations with GPS Tracking Reports

By tracking a vehicle’s location and speeds, businesses can identify more efficient routes and driving habits that lead to less fuel consumption, reduced maintenance fees, improved delivery times and more.

Saved on Fuel Costs


Saved on Maintenance Fees


Improved Productivity


Bottom Line Increased

Faster Deliveries and Improved Business Reputation through Route Optimization

In today’s fast-paced world, speed is everything.

Efficient and speedy deliveries are essential for maintaining a good reputation in the business community. The use of GPS technology has revolutionized the transportation and logistics industry and has provided a solution for businesses looking to optimize their delivery routes.

By analyzing delivery routes, businesses can identify the most efficient and quickest route to reach their customers, saving them time, money and improving their overall reputation.

Happy Customers

Better reputation

Faster Delivery Times

More business

Easy-to-Use App

Intuitive Tracking App for Fleet Management

Our intuitive tracking application is perfect for seasoned fleet managers and people new to the industry.

  • Built from the ground up with cameras in mind

  • Free training and library of support videos

  • 24/7 customer support

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

We serve fleets of any shape and size with No Contract fleet dash cams for fleet management.

Commercial Fleets
Emergency Services
Waste Management
Nuclear Verdicts

Avoid Multimillion Dollar Lawsuits

Been in an Accident? Prove It Was Not Your Fault!

It only takes a split second of distraction to cause a life-threatening accident on the road, even with the most experienced drivers behind the wheel.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our dash cam systems

What are effective strategies to overcome driver resistance to fleet dash cams?2023-07-10T15:25:35+00:00

To address driver pushback and foster acceptance of dash cams as valuable tools for success and protection, consider the following strategies:

1. Clarify the purpose: Emphasize that only safety-related footage will be reviewed by authorized personnel, alleviating concerns about constant monitoring.

2. Provide evidence: Show employees examples of accident footage where drivers were exonerated, illustrating how dash cams can contribute to their job security and personal well-being.

3. Incentivize compliance: Boost morale by implementing rewards programs and other incentives that highlight drivers in your fleet who consistently adhere to proper safety protocols.

By implementing these approaches, you can promote a positive perception of dash cams among your employees and facilitate their integration into your operations.

Are There Fees Associated with Retrieving Driver Footage?2023-07-10T15:27:22+00:00

No, Controlled Fleet does not charge you to download video footage of your drivers.

Do Your Dash Cams Feature Night Vision?2023-07-10T15:29:59+00:00

Our dash cams boast advanced infrared technology, which enables them to capture high-quality, night-vision-enhanced 1080p video even in low-light conditions. With this essential feature, you can rest assured that your recordings will remain clear and detailed, providing you with reliable evidence, no matter the time of day. Say goodbye to blurry or grainy footage.

Can I Live Stream My Drivers in Real-Time?2023-07-10T15:32:17+00:00

Our fleet dash cam system offers a valuable live streaming functionality that enables you to monitor your drivers’ trips in real-time.

With this feature, you can view their journeys as they happen, allowing you to stay updated and aware.

Additionally, all live streaming footage is conveniently captured instantly and can be easily stored and accessed on your desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. you can also have the option to have the footage emailed directly to you for further convenience and record-keeping purposes.

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