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Benefits of GPS Trackers Include Real Time Monitoring

A full fleet tracking solution, our camera systems feature all the location reporting and reports you are used to and more.

fleet dash cam system

Saving Money is one of the Many Benefits of GPS Trackers

Lower unnecessary costs for your fleet vehicles including fuel expenses, maintenance fees and more.

Save Millions on Accidents Costs

Protect your fleet vehicles against multi-million dollar lawsuits with crucial accident dash cam footage.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Reduce overall insurance premiums by up to 10% or more with Controlled Fleet’s camera systems in place.

Full Suite of Driving Data Reports

Camera systems with traditional GPS

Improve Your Fleet’s Productivity

Improve delivery times with route optimization

Secure Cloud Storage

Video evidence stored for up to 3 months

dash cam footage is one of the many benefits of gps trackers

Full Vehicle Visibility

1080p fleet dash camera systems with driver / road / aux views.

Show What Happened

1080p Dash Cam Footage for Insurance Claims

Expediate the Insurance Claims Process

Witness testimonies are unreliable. Drivers are often found liable for damages even if they are not at fault. Show what really happened using dash cam footage. Dash cameras can prove your drivers were following safety protocols in an accident speed up the insurance claims process so your drivers can get back out on the road.

Texting, Smoking, Eating, and more Distracted Driving Behaviors

AI Features to Detect and Correct Distracted Driving and Improve Safety

Detecting and correcting distracted driving with real-time alerts is one of the single greatest benefits of GPS tracker systems. With real-time in-cab alerts, you can alert your drivers to the offense while receiving dash cam footage of the event.

Save money on insurance premiums with GPS trackers installed in your vehicles

Texting Alert

Distracted Driving Events Detected Include:

distracted driving can cause crashes

Texting While Driving

camera systems help monitor driver behavior

Eating While Driving

exonerate drivers using your GPS tracker

Smoking While Driving

reduce insurance claims with GPS trackers for your fleet vehicles

Inattentive Driving Behavior

fleet vehicle safety is improved with GPS tracking cameras

Seatbelt Alert Notifications

Our Dash Cam Solution Reduces Fleet Costs

On top of lowering insurance premiums and reducing accident risk / costs, our dash cam system can also lower costs associated with fleet vehicles.

fleet vehicles are safer when monitored with GPS trackers

Lower Fuel Costs

Lower fuel costs associated with speeding, idling engines and more. Customers on average can expect to save up to $200 PER VEHICLE.

Reduce Wear and Tear

Our dash cam solution can use reminders for periodic maintenance like oil changes and rotations. Keeping your vehicles in good health reduces their wear and tear over time while increasing their overall lifespan.

Improve Delivery Times

A dash cam system with route optimization lets you get more jobs done in a day, thus improving your reputation online and through word of mouth. More happy customers equals more business.

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24/7 Training and Support

Web-Based App for Dash Cameras

Built from the ground up with dash cameras in mind, our real-time solution is the perfect fit for fleet managers, no matter the industry. Our intuitive system makes it easy to retrieve video for insurance claims, actively coach your drivers and reduce overall correct risky driver behaviors.

  • App was designed with cameras in mind

  • Unlimited training with a library of support videos

  • 24/7 customer support

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

Controlled fleet can help monitor vehicles and lower insurance premiums for ANY industry

Learn about the benefits of GPS trackers for your fleet
reduced insurance premiums are one of the benefits of GPS trackers
Commercial Fleets
Emergency vehicles benefit from GPS cameras
Emergency Services
fleet dash cam system
Waste Management

Nuclear Verdicts are the Biggest Threat to Your Drivers and Your Fleet

Fleet managers around the country are on edge about getting caught up in a nuclear verdict. A wreck involving multiple fatalities and extensive injuries can cost a business tens-to-even-HUNDREDS of Millions of dollars if their driver is found guilty.

We have exonerated numerous fleets from liability simply by providing indisputable video evidence. By showing your employees were not exhibiting any dangerous driver behavior during the incident, you can easily avoid multi-million dollar insurance claims.

Fleets We’ve Exonerated

Month-to-Month Plans

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We offer no contract plans as well as leasing options. Customized pricing is available depending on the number of vehicles in your fleet.

  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees

  • Real-time remote access to video footage no matter where you are

  • Receive friendly customer service and support whenever you need it