Save Money with GPS Trackers Reduce Costs & Save You Money

Save THOUSANDS on Unnecessary Fleet Costs with GPS Vehicle Tracking Dash Cams

GPS trackers reduce costs: fleet management solutions from Controlled Fleet pay for themselves over time. Not only do our dash cam GPS tracking devices record driving behaviors and critical events, but they also offer substantial fleet cost benefits by helping you save money on fuel consumption and potential accident exoneration.

GPS trackers reduce costs

Reduce Fleet Costs w GPS BG

Refine Your Daily Operations with GPS Tracking Reports

By tracking a vehicle’s location and speeds, businesses can identify driving habits and efficient routes from a job site that lead to less fuel consumption, reduced vehicle maintenance fees, improved delivery times.

Save Money on Vehicle Maintenance, Fuel Consumption and More with
GPS Tracking Systems

GPS vehicle tracking can help optimize vehicle routes from a job site and reduce fuel consumption, resulting in lower expenses for the company. Additionally, GPS fleet tracking dash cams can alert managers to potential maintenance needs for fleet vehicles before they become major issues, further reducing expenses and downtime.


Saved on Fuel Consumption


Saved on Vehicle Maintenance


Improved Productivity


Bottom Line Increased

Faster Deliveries and Improved Reputation through Route Optimization with GPS Tracking Devices

In today’s fast-paced world, speed is everything.

Efficient routes and timely deliveries are not only vital for maintaining a good reputation in the business community, but also crucial for achieving long-term success. With the advent of fleet management solutions, the transportation and logistics industries have revolutionized the way they build rapport and trust with customers. By leveraging GPS vehicle tracking and implementing effective vehicle maintenance strategies, businesses can optimize their delivery routes, ensure timely deliveries to their valued customers save money in the process.

Fleet managers can use our advanced GPS dispatch tools to identify delivery routes and have their drivers take the most efficient routes to reach their customers. This not only saves them valuable time and resources, but also improves their overall reputation both online through social media platforms and through word of mouth. By actively investing in GPS vehicle tracking and vehicle maintenance, businesses can significantly reduce operational costs, optimize delivery routes, and improve their bottom line over time.

Happy Customers

Better reputation

Faster Delivery Times

More business

Easy-to-Use GPS Tracking Systems

Intuitive GPS Fleet Tracking App

We built our GPS fleet tracking app with dash cams in mind for a seamless user experience. With the Controlled Fleet web-based application, you can save money by reducing vehicle maintenance, monitoring fuel consumption and more.

  • Fleet tracking system built from the ground up with cameras in mind

  • Free training and library of support videos

  • 24/7 fleet tracking system customer support

Industries served

Any Industry with Fleet Vehicles Can Save Money with GPS Tracking Systems

Our GPS tracking devices accommodate fleet vehicles from a variety of industries. Companies can expect to save money on unnecessary fleet expenses and accident costs using Controlled Fleet’s GPS tracking systems.

gps vehicle tracking
Commercial Fleets
vehicle maintenance
Emergency Services
gps fleet tracking
Waste Management

Dash Cams with GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Save You Millions in Accident Costs

The biggest savings with fleet management solutions come in the form of accident exoneration.

As a fleet manager, you know that accidents are an unfortunate reality of the job. They can be incredibly costly, both in terms of property damage and the potential for injuries. However, utilizing GPS tracking systems in your fleet vehicles can provide significant cost savings in the event of an accident. Not only do dash cams provide valuable footage that can provide evidence in resolving accident claims, but they also facilitate safer driving habits.

Combining dash cams with GPS vehicle tracking allows you to monitor driver behavior, identify risky driving practices, and intervene before an accident occurs. By investing in fleet management solutions with dash cams, you can save money and ensure the safety of your drivers and fleet vehicles.

GPS Tracking Devices

Monitor Driver Behavior

Reduce Accident Risk with GPS Tracking Systems

When it comes to fleet management solutions, the best way to reduce costs is by minimizing the risk of accidents to begin with. Not only do accidents harm your employees and the public, but they also damage your bottom line. Avoiding accidents can lead to significant savings on vehicle repairs, insurance premiums, and legal fees. This is where GPS tracking devices and fleet dash cams come into play.

By installing these devices on your fleet, you can monitor driver behavior, prevent unsafe driving habits, and identify behaviors with with distracted driving detection that may lead to accidents before they happen. Don’t wait until it’s too late, invest in fleet dash cams and GPS fleet tracking today to reduce costs and protect your business.

User-Friendly GPS Tracking Devices App

Leverage our easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking app for unprecedented cost savings. Built from the ground up to incorporate dash cams, Controlled Fleet’s GPS tracking systems integrates live real-time video streaming, driver report card grading, and traditional fleet tracking system reports to save money on fuel consumption, lower vehicle maintenance repair fees and more.

fleet dash camera

GPS Fleet Tracking Reports to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Using GPS tracking devices reporting, you can easily analyze your drivers’ trips and calculate their mileage with real time tracking. This allows you to evaluate areas where fuel costs can be decreased through efficient routes planning. You can also reduce wear and tear with periodic vehicle maintenance reminders.

Cloud Storage for Driver Footage and Critical Events

We provide a seamless retrieval process by automatically uploading accident footage and other critical events straight to the cloud. With our fleet tracking system, fleet managers can easily monitor driver behavior and access video evidence of fleet vehicles to exonerate them from costly lawsuits when needed.

Driver Report Cards for Employee Coaching

Our fleet management solutions can give you unprecedented insight into your driver’s performance with report cards that that use accurate metrics such as speeding, braking, and efficient routes taken. This provides beneficial coaching opportunities to curb dangerous driving behavior. You can also reward good driving behavior based on good performance which increases driver morale overall.

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