GPS Tracking System with Video

Keep Vehicle Insurance Low with Dash Cam GPS Tracking Devices

Dash cams with GPS are a great security measure to PREVENT and RETRIEVE stolen vehicles as well as correlate with insurance companies during the claims process.

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Save Money on Premiums

Save money on vehicle insurance safe driving habits encouraged by distracted driving detection.

Speed Up Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can be time consuming. Speed up the process with video evidence showing you were not at fault.

Reduce Theft-Related Claims

Reduce the risk of vehicle theft-related claims by recovering stolen vehicles with GPS tracking system location reporting.

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Approved by Insurance Companies

A Simple and Intuitive Experience

Our experience with GPS tracking technologies has allowed us to create a system that is familiar yet new. With the addition of dash cam video, users will have no trouble jumping right in.

Record Driver Video

All critical video evidence is uploaded to the cloud automatically

Secure Cloud Storage

All driver video is securely stored in the cloud for up to 3 months

Dash Cams for Insurance Companies

GPS Tracking Technologies

Distracted Driving and Speed Limit Monitoring for Safe Driving

The best way to save money on insurance claims is to take a proactive approach to safety! Our dash cams monitor speed limits detect dangerous driving habits and notify your drivers of the offense so they can get their attention back to the road.

GPS Tracking Devices Encourage Better Driving Habits

Uniquely Detected Distracted Driving Offenses

Distracted driving detection is a proven way to lower vehicle insurance rates. By keeping driving records of all distracted driving violations, you can coach your drivers and effectively inspire a greater safety culture within your fleet.

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AI Dash Cams

Distracted Driving Events Detected Include:

dash cam footage

Texting While Driving

dash cam video

Eating While Driving

exonerate drivers

Smoking While Driving

fleet dash cam systems

Inattentive Driving Behavior

fleet safety

Seatbelt Alert Notifications

GPS Can Help Retrieve Stolen Vehicles and Save Money on the Insurance Claims Process

Dash cams with GPS are a great way to PREVENT theft and RETRIVE stolen assets. They can also be used to speed up the claims process with insurance companies and ensure you save money on any damage sustained to the vehicle.

Wake Up Alerts for Vehicle Monitoring

Check in on your vehicles at any time. You can receive alerts if the vehicle starts up outside of business hours in addition to geofence alerts which notify you of the vehicle leaving a designated area.

Location Reporting for Stolen Assets

In the unfortunate event of car theft, you can use the dash cam’s built-in GPS to track your company’s stolen vehicles and help the authorities retrieve your valuable property.

Provide Valuable Data to Speed Up the Claims Process

GPS trackers can provide crucial data for insurers so you can speed up your insurance claims and save money. This type of info includes your vehicle’s speed limit history, location in real-time, ownership verification and more.

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Web-Based and Mobile App

Take Our Web-Based Tracking App for a Spin

When you see how easy it is to use our GPS tracker platform, you will understand why vehicle insurance providers prefer us. With location reporting, speed limit alerts and more, our platform was built with dash cams in mind. Anyone familiar with fleet tracking will be able to jump right in and start pulling footage immediately.

Plus, our system comes with NO CONTRACTS and 24/7 support PLUS training. We want to make sure you are fully acquainted with every feature so can utilize our platform to its fullest potential.

  • Web-Based and Mobile App Versions

  • Unlimited training with a library of support videos

  • 24/7 customer support

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

We serve fleets of any shape and size with No Contract fleet dash cam systems for fleet management.

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Protect and Exonerate Your Drivers to Keep Insurance Rates Low

Not only can one nuclear verdict sink your fleet, they can also cause your premiums to skyrocket and possibly NEVER recover. Due to the unreliability of witness testimonies, as well as false claims and staged auto accidents, the only surefire way to keep fleet insurance rates low is by having video evidence on hand.

Dash cam video will ALWAYS tell the full story. If your driver was not at fault, then the video will prove that. Without video, the fate of your fleet will be at stake.

Fleets We’ve Exonerated

Month-to-Month Plans

Want a Demo of Our Fleet Dash Cameras? Call (833) 346-1850

Schedule a demo of our systems today! Our app comes complete with driving records for report cards, vehicle maintenance reminders, as well as FULL GPS features. With potential insurance discounts and money saved from accident exoneration, our systems can easily pay for themselves within the first few months.

  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees

  • Real-time remote access to video footage no matter where you are

  • Receive friendly customer service and support whenever you need it