Assets Trackers for Fleets and Heavy Equipment

Asset Tracking Software with No Contracts

Asset tracking for fleets use bu Controlled Fleet use GPS to let you track assets so you always know where your equipment is located across multiple construction sites. Our easy-to-use asset tracking software with mobile apps comes with NO CONTRACTS.

Battery / Solar-Powered

Ping-on-demand / schedule pinging tracking system

Reliable GPS Signal

Track assets and heavy equipment even in rural areas

Weather Resistant

Durable asset tracking device design

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Web-Based Asset Tracking Device for Heavy Equipment

Mobile apps to track assets also available.

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asset trackers for fleets
Web-Based Asset Management Solutions

User Friendly Asset Tracking Software

Controlled Fleet makes asset management solutions to the next level. You can track assets in real-time and recover stolen equipment with an intuitive, seamless user experience that includes asset overviews, mobile apps guidance, trips, alerts and more.

  • Asset management solutions allow tracking of multiple / individual valuable assets with street and satellite views.

  • Free training and library of support videos for asset tracking software

  • 24/7 asset management solutions for tracking system and mobile apps

Tamper-Proof and Durable GPS Asset Tracking for Peace of Mind

The Controlled Fleet asset tracking device cannot easily be dismantled or manipulated. Their discreet design also allows for the tracker to be concealed without any disruption to service. Furthermore, the tracker’s rugged, durable design allows you to track assets in the harshest conditions.

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Battery-Powered Options to Track Assets

Battery-powered trackers are a cost-effective option for anyone who wants to track assets and keep their movements discreet. Unlike wired trackers, these devices are easy to install and can be hidden away with ease, making hard to detect for would-be thieves. And, because their low power requirements, they are virtually invisible to sensor scanners.

Tamper Alert Notifications

With our real-time alert system, you can track assets and instantly be notified when someone attempts to forcibly unmount a tracker from your construction equipment. This allows you to take immediate action and potentially prevent theft or damage to your equipment. Construction site managers can rest easy knowing you will be the first to be notified if any of your precious cargo is compromised.

Low Battery Warnings to Track Assets

Asset trackers do not have a fixed battery life. GPS availability, tracking intervals, temperature, and other variables can affect battery levels as you track assets. With automatic notifications, you’ll be alerted right away when your battery level is low so you can consistently track assets and never lose sight of them.

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Use Our Tracking System to Quickly Respond to Valuable Asset Theft

Job sites, filled with valuable materials like copper, lumber, tools, and heavy equipment, are prime opportunities for theft when crew members leave for the day – especially if no security measures are in place to protect your valuable assets. In this era of soaring prices for heavy equipment materials and tools, caused by material shortages and a record-high construction activity, job sites face constant pressure to track assets and keep thieves at bay.

Real-time GPS asset tracking is an indispensable tool that empowers you to safeguard your valuable assets effectively WITH NO DELAY. Remember, the longer it takes to respond to a valuable asset theft, thieves will have more time to get away with your stolen heavy equipment.  By leveraging this asset tracking software with mobile apps, you have the power to track equipment, prevent theft and swiftly recover lost assets.

GPS Asset Tracking

Full asset visibility

Real-Time Asset Tracking Device

Swifter response to theft

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Web-based and Mobile Apps Asset Tracking

Asset Management Solutions

Geofencing Capabilities

With the ability to set custom geofences, you can track assets by setting custom points on a map or drawing a circle boundary. By creating a virtual boundary around your desired location, you can be notified what assets enter or leave a jobsite.

By monitoring entry and exit times with our tracking system and mobile apps, you can optimize operations, minimize losses, and increase security levels. When you invest in geofencing technology, businesses can achieve a significant reduction in asset misplacement or “ghost assets”, theft, and misuse. The ability to track assets entering or leaving a geofence can generate substantial benefits for businesses, including increased productivity, safety, and profitability.

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Replenishable Battery

Solar Powered Options to Track Assets

Are you tired of constantly replacing batteries or worrying about the power source to track assets? Solar-powered trackers eliminate the hassle of replacing batteries and provide reliable tracking. These trackers use solar panels to collect and store energy from the sun, making them a sustainable and cost-effective solution to track assets.

  • Monitor your assets with strong signal and real-time tracking without regular battery changes

  • Eliminate costs associated with replacing batteries and other costly power sources

  • Reduce the environmental impact of asset tracking with a solar powered solution

  • Enjoy long-term, reliable asset monitoring with industry-leading durability

Industries served

Have Vehicles in Addition to Assets? We Also Do Dash Cams with GPS.

Need to track equipment AND monitor your drivers? We offer NO CONTRACT dash cam solutions that cater to any industry with a vehicle. Companies can expect to save money on avoided accident lawsuits and other unnecessary fleet costs when using our dash cams with a full suite of tracking reports and alerts.

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