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Commercial Fleet Dash Cams with GPS for Better Fleet Management

Commercial fleet dash cams systems are a game-changer for improving driving behavior, efficiency, reviewing driving events and curbing distracted driving. Simplify your fleet management tasks and ensure your vehicles are always on the right track with Controlled Fleet.

Real-Time Tracking

Know your fleet’s whereabouts with GPS reporting

Service Verification

Use detailed GPS data / video to show visits

Faster Response

Reach destinations faster with route optimization

Full Vehicle Visibility

Advanced commercial fleet camera systems with driver / road facing views.

Proactive Safety

Dash Cam Solutions

Monitor Distracted Driving with Live Video Footage

Texting while driving is widely recognized as the biggest threat to fleet safety on the road. In order to proactively address dangerous driving behavior and prevent distracted driving incidents, the use of commercial fleet dash cams with live video is imperative. These fleet dash cams allow you to both LIVE STREAM and RECORD real-time videos of both road facing and driver views, providing insights into dangerous driving behavior so fleet managers can improve safety where necessary. They serve as invaluable evidence in investigating accidents, determining fault, and proving drivers were following safety protocols.

Keep Your Commercial Fleet Safe from False Accusations

Investing in fleet dash cams to exonerate your commercial fleet drivers can save you potentially millions in the long run. The cost of defending a single dangerous driving accident claim can be detrimental to your company’s budget, but with video evidence readily available, it can significantly reduce legal fees or even prevent cases from being pursued altogether.

Not only can fleet managers reduce accident costs, but it can also reduce your insurance premiums. By having a clear record of what exactly occurred during an incident, insurance companies will be less likely to raise your rates or penalize you with higher deductibles. The savings can add up quickly, making it a smart investment for those who want to protect their bottom line.

Below are accidents we have exonerated drivers from:

No Contracts

Month-to-Month Plans

Fleet Dash Cam Reporting and Video Footage Platform

Controlled Fleet gives you complete control to improve safety within your commercial fleet. With our dash cam tracking system, you can easily grab video, generate reports, and review dangerous driving.

commercial fleet dash cam

GPS Tracking System with Hard Brake, Hard Turn, Speeding Alerts to Reduce Dangerous Driving

Controlled Fleet’s GPS tracking system offers a range of features for fleet managers, including hard brake, hard turn, and excessive speeding alerts. It provides real-time feedback to the fleet manger, notifying them of dangerous driving behaviors so they can provide coaching opportunities to improve safety.

Cloud Storage for Distracted Driving Video Footage and Other Critical Driving Events

Video footage of driving events are automatically uploaded securely to the cloud for safekeeping. All of your driver video footage is stored for up to 3 months. Controlled Fleet makes it easy for fleet managers to grab their files in an instant – no need to manually retrieve them from SD cards. Just log into our GPS tracking system and access the desired road facing / in-cab video by date, time, driver and more.

Route Optimization Features

With route optimization, drivers can quickly find the fastest routes, adapt to unpredictable weather conditions, and make their deliveries in record time. Why waste unnecessary resources by taking inefficient routes? Route optimization can not only save fleet managers time, fuel, and money, but also improve your business’ reputation online and through word of mouth.

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Nationwide Service Provider

Commercial Fleet Dash Cams for Any Size Fleet

Whether you’re a small start-up with a handful of vehicles or a large corporation with fleets spanning the nation, our fleet dash cams can improve safety and productivity in ways specific to your commercial fleet.

  • Our fleet dash cams accommodate a variety of transportation industries including freight delivery, HVAC, construction, and many more.

  • Track the driving behavior of your fleet with road facing / driver-side video footage, providing valuable data for actionable insight into dangerous driving.

  • By utilizing dash cam monitoring, you can actually grow your fleet as your productivity improves, paving the way for expansive business expansion.

Commercial Fleet Tracking App

Intuitive Tracking App for Commercial Fleets

Our platform was built with dash cams in mind. Combining driver recorded video with GPS coordinate data driving events shines a whole new light on your fleet operations. Watch your driver’s trips as if you are a passenger in the car with them.

  • Easy retrieval of commercial fleet footage

  • Support videos and free customer training

  • 24/7 customer support

Distracted Driving Cameras with Hi-Def Dash Cam Video

Enhance safety and reduce dangerous driving  in your commercial fleet with the Controlled Fleet 1080p dash camera. Our advanced hardware specifications ensure pristine video recordings that provide valuable insights into driving events and road incidents.

Equipped with real-time dash cam video streaming, GPS tracking, distracted driving detection and cloud storage, our dash cam solutions offer fleet managers cost-effective tracking solutions and accurate event reconstruction.

Integrating distracted driving cameras and fleet dash cam systems, our platform becomes an invaluable tool for both driver safety and efficient fleet management. Experience peace of mind and streamline operations with the versatile and intuitive functionality of the Controlled Fleet dash camera.

distracted driving cameras
  • Equip your commercial fleet with our state-of-the-art dash camera boasting impeccable 1080p video quality with road facing / driver views. Capture irrefutable footage that exonerates your drivers in any situation.

  • Quick installation for commercial fleet dash cams with both hard-wired and plug and play (OBDII / JBUS) options.

  • Live streaming with road facing / in-cab views to check in on your drivers in real-time and improve safety. You can download your driver video as you are streaming it.

  • Our dash cams come with No Contracts. Cancel any time.