Ambulance Company Vehicle Tracking

Emergency Services Vehicle Trackers: Real-time Tracking for Safety & Efficiency

Emergency services vehicle trackers by Controlled Fleet unlock the full potential of your emergency services fleet. Our emergency services vehicle trackers are dash cams with video to streamline operations and reduce overhead costs.

Real Time Location

Know your ambulances’ location with GPS

Service Verification

Use detailed GPS data / video to show visits

Faster Response

Reach destinations faster with route optimization

Emergency Services Vehicle Trackers

Full Vehicle Visibility with Fleet Tracking

Advanced garbage truck camera systems with driver / road views.

Emergency Services Vehicle Trackers Protect Your  Fleet from Baseless Accident Lawsuits with Dash Cameras

Emergency services face significant risks during transportation of patients, as accidents can occur unexpectedly with grave consequences. Fleet managers must take make informed decisions to manage accidents and ensure the safety of their patients, while providing top-notch emergency response times.

To mitigate potential legal and law enforcement issues and protect their reputation, fleet managers are increasingly investing in emergency services vehicle trackers which are dash cams with a GPS tracking system. These distracted driving cameras monitor driver behavior, improve safety protocols, and provide real time location data for accident investigation.

Below are accidents we have exonerated drivers from:

Web-based platform

Emergency Services Vehicle Tracking App

Experience an intuitive web-based GPS tracking system that combines driver footage for full fleet visibility.

  • Easy retrieval of crucial GPS fleet footage

  • Free vehicle tracking training along with support videos

  • 24/7 customer support for fleet tracking

No Contracts

Month-to-Month Plans

Fleet Tracking Location Reporting and Video

Take full control of your emergency response vehicles with Controlled Fleet. Monitor your drivers’ performance full visibility and reduce response times using our sophisticated vehicle tracking system.

GPS Tracking System with Hard Brake, Hard Turn, Speeding Alerts and More

With features that include hard brake, hard turn, and excessive speeding alerts, Controlled Fleet’s GPS tracking system provides instant real time feedback so you can instantly review and coach dangerous driving behaviors.

Cloud Storage for Driver Footage and Critical Events

In the event of a critical incident, dash cam footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud for safekeeping. No need to rely on manually retrieving footage or sorting through stacks of SD cards. Instead, retrieving the footage is as easy as logging into our GPS tracking system and accessing the desired video.

Driver Report Cards for Employee Coaching

Driver report cards can help ensure that drivers behind the wheels are accountable for their actions on the road. These performance statistics come with insightful metrics such as , which is useful in an emergency. Drivers can get instant feedback about their performances based on indicators such as speeding, braking, accelerating and response times to emergency situations.

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Nuclear Verdicts

Don’t Get Caught without Video Evidence!

Stay Safe on the Road: Detect and Address Distracted Driving!

With texting while driving being one of the major causes of accidents, it’s more important than ever for your drivers to keep their eyes on the road. By using state-of-the-art distracted driver detection software, our GPS tracking system can proactively identify dangerous driving behaviors and take the necessary steps to avoid them.