Waste Management

Controlled Fleet can provide you with an advanced waste management solution that combines GPS fleet tracking with driver dash cam video.

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Dash Cams with GPS and No Contracts

Dash Cams with Fleet Tracking for Waste Management Companies

Controlled Fleet can leverage the power of GPS fleet tracking and driver dash cam video to optimize your waste management fleet, lower overhead costs and avoid costly accident-related litigations.

Real-Time Tracking

Know your trucks’ location with GPS real-time reporting.

Service Verification

Resolve disputes by showing completed jobs

Visual Confirmation

Visually confirm stops using dash cam footage

Transform Your Fleet with Truck Camera Systems

Advanced garbage truck camera systems with driver / road views.

Shield Your Company Fleet from Unjustified Accident Lawsuits with Garbage Truck Cameras

Don’t risk a nuclear verdict cost of $10 million – or 10 times more if fatalities are involved – for your waste management fleet.

Use Controlled Fleet’s garbage truck camera systems to capture crucial video evidence that will absolve your fleet of liability, while also keeping insurance costs low. Invest in our solution today for peace of mind tomorrow.

Easy-to-Use App

Intuitive Tracking App for Waste Management

Our GPS dash cam application is perfect for seasoned waste management fleets and newcomers alike

  • Incorporate GPS data and driver recorded video

  • Access to support videos as well as free training

  • 24/7 customer support

No Contracts

Month-to-Month Plans

Driver Reports and Alerts + Video

You can’t afford to let your fleet go off-track. Gain full transparency into your drivers’ performance with our all-inclusive reports and alerts system.

Hard Brake, Hard Turn, Speeding Alerts and More

Cloud Storage for Driver Footage and Critical Events

Driver Report Cards for Employee Coaching

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Nuclear Verdicts

Don’t Get Caught without Video Evidence!

Been in an Accident? Prove It Was Not Your Fault!

Attention fleet owners! Don’t risk multi-million dollar fines due to lack of video evidence. Secure your fleet with the added protection of fleet dash cams. Invest in the safety and security of your business today.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our dash cam systems

What are effective strategies to overcome driver resistance to fleet dash cams?2023-07-10T15:25:35+00:00

To address driver pushback and foster acceptance of dash cams as valuable tools for success and protection, consider the following strategies:

1. Clarify the purpose: Emphasize that only safety-related footage will be reviewed by authorized personnel, alleviating concerns about constant monitoring.

2. Provide evidence: Show employees examples of accident footage where drivers were exonerated, illustrating how dash cams can contribute to their job security and personal well-being.

3. Incentivize compliance: Boost morale by implementing rewards programs and other incentives that highlight drivers in your fleet who consistently adhere to proper safety protocols.

By implementing these approaches, you can promote a positive perception of dash cams among your employees and facilitate their integration into your operations.

Are There Fees Associated with Retrieving Driver Footage?2023-07-10T15:27:22+00:00

No, Controlled Fleet does not charge you to download video footage of your drivers.

Do Your Dash Cams Feature Night Vision?2023-07-10T15:29:59+00:00

Our dash cams boast advanced infrared technology, which enables them to capture high-quality, night-vision-enhanced 1080p video even in low-light conditions. With this essential feature, you can rest assured that your recordings will remain clear and detailed, providing you with reliable evidence, no matter the time of day. Say goodbye to blurry or grainy footage.

Can I Live Stream My Drivers in Real-Time?2023-07-10T15:32:17+00:00

Our fleet dash cam system offers a valuable live streaming functionality that enables you to monitor your drivers’ trips in real-time.

With this feature, you can view their journeys as they happen, allowing you to stay updated and aware.

Additionally, all live streaming footage is conveniently captured instantly and can be easily stored and accessed on your desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. you can also have the option to have the footage emailed directly to you for further convenience and record-keeping purposes.

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