Identify Bad Driving Behaviors with Dash Cam Video

Distracted Driving Cameras Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Risks of Accidents

Distracted Driving Cameras Detection Systems by Controlled Fleet keeps drivers’ focus on the road by identifying distractions like texting and drowsy driving. This fleet safety feature, integrated with our dash cam systems, improves overall road safety by minimizing potential risks.

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AI Dash Cams

Detect Unique Forms of Distracted Driving

Improve fleet safety by uniquely identifying Distracted Driving offenses. You can notify your driver of the offense as well as receive a video notifications.

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Texting While Driving

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Eating While Driving

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Smoking While Driving

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Inattentive Driving Behavior

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Seatbelt Alert Notifications

Proactive Safety

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Did You Know?

Texting while driving is the no. 1 threat to fleet safety on the road today.

Dash cam footage provides invaluable evidence in identifying and preventing distracted driving incidents. These cameras capture real-time recordings of the road, offering a clear view of any reckless or negligent behavior behind the wheel. Dash cam video can be instrumental in investigating accidents, determining fault, and holding responsible parties accountable.

Exonerate Drivers in the Event of an Accident with Dash Cam Video

With nuclear verdicts reaching TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars (if not more), the use of fleet dash cam systems have become crucial to exonerate drivers from unjust lawsuits. Our Hi-Def fleet dash camera provides valuable evidence that can protect drivers from false claims or accusations.

By recording incidents such as collisions, near misses, or instances of dangerous driving, dash cam video serves as indisputable evidence showing your drivers were following all the necessary safety protocols before and during the incident. The ability to accurately capture real-time dash cam footage from the driver’s perspective empowers innocent drivers to defend themselves against false claims and exaggerated liability.

Review Driver Events

Intuitive Tracking App for Fleet Management

You can use our gps tracker with live video app to review and download Distracted Driving Events and more

  • Download distracted driving footage automatically uploaded to the cloud

  • Receive free training along with support videos

  • 24/7 support

Distracted Driving Cameras with Hi-Def Dash Cam Video

The Controlled Fleet 1080p dash camera is a cutting-edge device designed to improve fleet safety and mitigate the risks associated with distracted driving. With its advanced hardware specs, our fleet dash cam systems provide pristine video recordings that offer actionable insights into driver behavior and road incidents.

Equipped with features like real-time dash cam video streaming, GPS tracking, and cloud storage, the Controlled Fleet’s dash cam solutions ensures economical fleet management and accurate event reconstruction.

The integration of distracted driving cameras and fleet dash cam systems makes our platform an invaluable tool for both driver safety and fleet management. Experience peace of mind with the Controlled Fleet dash camera’s versatile and intuitive functionality.

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  • Fleet dash camera with 1080p quality for irrefutable video evidence to exonerate drivers.

  • Easy installation for fleet dash camera with hard-wired and plug and play (OBDII / JBUS) options.

  • Live streaming to check in on your drivers in real-time and improve driver safety. Download dash cam footage as it’s streaming.

  • No contracts. We feature month-to-month plans with no multiple-year commitments.

Distracted Driving Cameras with Full GPS Reporting and Video

Redefine your operations and improve driver safety. Developed with dash cam solutions in mind, our distracted driving camera platform can monitor and score your drivers’ performance with complete transparency using live video streaming, driver report card grading and other traditional GPS features.

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GPS Tracker with Live Video

Live streaming allows you to monitor your driver’s trips in real time so you can evaluate performance and curb bad driving habits. By harnessing our live streaming feature, you can improve driver safety by analyzing live data that let’s you make informed decisions promptly.

Cloud Storage for Driver Footage and Critical Events

Our dash cam solutions provide a seamless process by automatically uploading accident footage and other critical events straight to the cloud. There is no need to manually retrieve footage or deal with SD cards. Fleet managers can easily access and utilize video evidence to exonerate drivers when needed.

Full Suite of Traditional GPS Reporting

Our web-based dash cam tracking app incorporates a comprehensive set of traditional GPS reporting features fleet managers are accustomed to. With our distracted driving cameras application, you can easily monitor vehicle location, speed, and route history in real-time along with video to go with it. Gain valuable insights through detailed reports and analytics, enabling you to refine fleet management and enhance overall efficiency.

Driver Report Cards for Employee Coaching

Driver report cards play a crucial role in promoting driver accountability on the road, providing detailed performance metrics that offer valuable insights. Through indicators like speeding, braking, accelerating, and response times, drivers can receive instant feedback on their performance. Driver video can also be used for training purpose to further promote your culture safety.

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Reduce Insurance Premiums

Run a Safer Fleet, Reduce Insurance Costs

Incorporating distracted driving cameras into your fleet management operations can lead to a long-term reduction in insurance premiums. This approach not only promotes drive safety but also contributes to fleet cost savings in the long run.

  • Potentially save 10% or more on insurance premiums with distracted driving cameras installed in your vehicles

  • In the event of an accident, save time and money with video evidence that expedites the claims process and keeps your record clean

  • Run a safer fleet and prevent nuclear verdict lawsuits by avoiding accidents in the first place

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

Our company provides No Contract fleet dash cams for fleet management, catering to fleets of all shapes and sizes. We understand the need to improve driver safety and can accommodate unique needs specific to their industry.

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