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Fleet Dash Cams Systems with  No Contract

Get true insight into your fleet’s daily activities and refine your fleet operations with driving data and video footage.

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Distracted Driving Detection

Improve safety by detecting distractions such as texting / drowsy driving events and other harsh driving behaviors.

Exonerate Drivers

Nuclear verdicts can sink your fleet. Steer clear of multi-million dollar lawsuits by providing crucial video evidence.

Easy Access Cloud Storage

Rest assured knowing your dash cam footage is securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible by date, trip, time and more.

Full Suite of Driving Data Reports

Dash cam solutions with traditional GPS

Improve Your Fleet’s Productivity

Improve delivery times with route optimization

Reduce Your Overall Fleet Costs

Lower unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs

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Full Vehicle Visibility

1080p fleet dash camera systems with driver / road / aux views.

Live Streams

Real-Time Driver Safety Checks

Fleet Dash Cam Systems with Live Views

Live views are a great way to check in on your drivers at any given moment. Whether it is to conduct a live safety audit or check up on concerning harsh driving events, our fleet dash camera system with live views is a great way to proactively manage safety.

Steer Clear of Nuclear Verdicts and Other Accident Costs

Nuclear verdicts are the no. 1 financial threat facing fleets today. Just one nuclear verdict is enough to sink an entire fleet. Avoid multi-million dollar lawsuits with our dash cam solutions.

Prove your driver was not at fault

Lack of witnesses, conflicting testimonies and false claims will never work out in your favor. Our dash cam solutions video evidence will always tell the full story.

Avoid multimillion-dollar lawsuits

A nuclear verdict outcome is already expensive (ranging in the tens of millions of dollars). A nuclear verdict can increase ten fold if fatalities are involved.

Lower your insurance premiums

Dash cam solutions with live views can exonerate drivers and keep insurance premiums low. You can also lower rates (up to 10%) just by having a GPS system in place.

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24/7 Training and Support

Web-Based Fleet Dash Cam Systems App

With Controlled Fleet, you can evolve your fleet management operations beyond what was capable with regular GPS. Our web-based application allows you to track your fleet with location reporting driving data, retrieve video footage on-demand and monitor driving behavior.

  • App was designed with cameras in mind

  • Unlimited training with a library of support videos

  • 24/7 customer support

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

We serve fleets of any shape and size with No Contract fleet dash cam systems for fleet management.

fleet dash cam systems
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Commercial Fleets
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Emergency Services
fleet dash cam system
Waste Management
Proactive Safety

Reduce Accident Risk

Detect Distracted Driving and Monitor Driving Behavior

Curbing bad driving habits and coaching harsh driving is key to running the safest fleet possible. Distracted driving detection allows you to identify dangerous behaviors and keep record of the driving events for training purposes.

Texting, Smoking, Eating, Drowsy Driving and Seatbelt Alerts

Uniquely Identify and Monitor Distracted Driving Behavior

One advantage of our systems is the ability to UNIQUELY identify distracted driving events. From texting, smoking, falling asleep at the wheel and the driving not wearing their seatbelt, you can capture video footage of the individual offenses which are tallied up into driver scorecards for employee evaluation.

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AI Dash Cams

Distracted Driving Events Detected Include:

dash cam footage

Texting While Driving

dash cam video

Eating While Driving

exonerate drivers

Smoking While Driving

fleet dash cam systems

Inattentive Driving Behavior

fleet safety

Seatbelt Alert Notifications

Elevate Your Productivity with Controlled Fleet

Not only can dash cam footage with driving data exonerate drivers and save you money on accident costs, our systems can also drastically improve your bottom line.

With advanced features like route planning and optimization, you can help you drivers reach their destinations in a timely manner, thus ensuring repeated business from happy customers. Happy customers improve your business’s reputation which can lead to more business through positive word of mouth.

On top of that, you can reduce fleet costs by analyzing driving behavior (excessive speeding, idling engines, etc.) as well as set reminders for periodic maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations and more.


Saved on Fuel Consumption


Saved on Vehicle Maintenance


Improved Overall Fleet Productivity

Our Dash Cams Respect Your Drivers’ Privacy

Your Drivers Are Not Constantly Being Monitored

Many drivers feel like dash cam footage is an invasion of privacy. However, they can be put at ease knowing someone is NOT watching them 24/7. Instead, only critical video footage is uploaded for accidents or distracted driving events.

Dash Cams Are There for Your Driver’s Benefit

Video evidence protects your drivers in the event of an accident. Since video footage and driving data will always show exactly what happened, many drivers PREFER to have a dash cam with live view in place.

Dash Cams Can Embolden Your Drivers

By showcasing footage of exemplary driver performance, our dash cams with live views can also empower your drivers and overall fleet safety. Using video of your own drivers on the road can have a greater impact than some 3rd party training program.

Month-to-Month Plans

Want a Demo of Our Dash Cams with Video Evidence? Call (833) 346-1850

Take a tour of web-based application today! Our quick 15-minute demo will show you how to use our tracking system to locate vehicles, pull footage from individual trips, and generate reports related to idling engines, hard braking / excessive speeding, and start / stop events.

We will also provide customized pricing specific to your individual needs.

  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees

  • Real-time remote access to video footage no matter where you are

  • Receive friendly customer service and support whenever you need it