Dash Cam Video Footage Recorded

Fleet Dash Cam with GPS and NO CONTRACTS

Redefine your fleet management and safety programs with fleet tracking dash cams. Controlled Fleet’s web-based app was built with commercial dash cams in mind for a hassle-free user experience.

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GPS Tracking Reports

All of the GPS tracking reports fleet managers are used to including speed / hard turn alerts, landmark reports and more.

Improve Driver Safety

Reduce accident risk by DETECTING and CORRECTING dangerous driving behavior such as texting, eating and drowsy driving.

Record Video Evidence

Capture essential dash cam footage which can be used to exonerate drivers and speed up the claims process.

insurance benefits by proving driver innocence
Training and 24/7 Support Provided

A Familiar Yet New Fleet Tracking Experience

Fleet managers will have no trouble jumping right in and using our system to monitor driver behavior and reduce fleet costs.

Video + Fleet Tracking

Video footage plus GPS reporting revolutionizes vehicle management

Traditional Reports

All the traditional reports and alerts fleet managers are used to

Live Streams

Check in on Driver Behavior

Fleet Tracking Dash Cams with Distracted Driving Detection for Safety Programs

Identifying dangerous driving behaviors goes a long way in reducing accident risk to improve safety. Our dash cams can UNIQUELY identify dangerous driving habits such as texting, drowsy driving, and not wearing a seatbelt. In-cab alerts can notify the driver of the distracted driving offense and get their eyes back on the road where they belong.

Improve Safety and Productivity with GPS Reports

Driver events combined with video footage can give you greater insight into driver behavior. Plus with features like route optimization you can get jobs done in a efficient manner.

Identify and Coach Dangerous Driving with Report Cards

Our commercial dash cam report card system keeps tallies of dangerous driving events like hard turns, hard braking, and speeding, which can be used for coaching opportunities.

Get More Jobs Done in a Day with Route Optimization

Achieve speedier deliveries with route optimization. More jobs completed means more happy customers, which leads to a better reputation through word of mouth and online.

Save on Unnecessary Fuel Costs and More

Potentially save THOUSANDS each month on expenses using fleet tracking reporting. Reduce fuel costs with idle engine / speeding reports, and save on potentially higher repair costs using maintenance reminders to avoid future breakdowns.

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24/7 Training and Support

Capture Crucial Video Footage in the Event of an Accident

As part of a effective safety program, making sure your drivers are protected in the event of an accident is mandatory. Having video evidence on hand FULLY exonerate your drivers and avoid catastrophic nuclear lawsuit costs.

  • Video evidence captured and stored in the cloud for up to 3 months for safe keeping

  • Expediate the claims process! Driver-side video feeds can show your driver was not engaging in dangerous driving and following safety protocols

  • Panic button driving event captures footage BEFORE and AFTER the accident, immediately notifying fleet managers of the incident

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

We serve fleets of any shape and size with No Contract fleet dash cam with GPS systems for fleet management.

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Waste Management
Proactive Safety

Reduce Accident Risk

Detect Distracted Driving and Monitor Driving Behavior

Curbing bad driving habits and coaching harsh driving is key to running the safest fleet possible. Distracted driving detection allows you to identify dangerous behaviors and keep record of the driving events for training purposes.

Texting, Smoking, Eating, Drowsy Driving and Seatbelt Alerts

Uniquely Identify and Monitor Distracted Driving Behavior

One advantage of our systems is the ability to UNIQUELY identify distracted driving events. From texting, smoking, falling asleep at the wheel and the driving not wearing their seatbelt, you can capture video footage of the individual offenses which are tallied up into driver scorecards for employee evaluation.

dash cam footage

Texting While Driving

dash cam video

Eating While Driving

exonerate drivers

Smoking While Driving

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Inattentive Driving Behavior

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Seatbelt Alert Notifications

Month-to-Month Plans

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Controlled Fleet’s dash cams are a great addition to your company’s safety program. For more info on how record dash cam footage, document driving events, and curb dangerous driving habits with distracted driving detection, contact us today! 

  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees

  • Real-time remote access to recorded video and driving event no matter where you are

  • Receive friendly customer service and support whenever you need it