Web-based Software Solution for Fleet Operations

Dash Cam GPS Vehicle Tracking with Real-Time Data and NO CONTRACTS

Fleet management solutions for your everyday challenges. GPS fleet tracking without video is no longer a reliable way to track your commercial vehicles. By adding recorded driver video to real-time data reports and alerts, you can true insight into your management solutions like never before.

fleet management solutions with gps tracking cameras

Multiple Driver Views

1080p video recordings monitor inside and outside of your commercial vehicles

Distraction Detection

Improve driver safety by detecting / correcting dangerous driver behavior like texting and drowsy driving

Lower Fuel Costs and More

Our management solutions can lower fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance fees with detailed reporting and repair reminders

fleet operations made simple with GPS tracking for fleet vehicles
OEM Manufacturers

Built-In GPS Vehicle Tracking Compatibility

Our dash cam fleet management software can integrate directly with your vehicle’s built-in GPS vehicle tracking.

No Extra Plugins

No need for extra plug-n’-play GPS fleet tracking devices

Accurate Real-Time Data

Full GPS fleet tracking and vehicle maintenance stats pulled from your vehicle

Fleet Management Software with Vehicle Maintenance and More

Management Solutions for Expediated Growth

Dash Cam Management Solutions can Grow Your Fleet

Controlled Fleet’s dash cams for commercial vehicles offer a powerful solution to improve your bottom line and increase efficiency. With our dash cams, you can boost productivity, enhance your reputation through word of mouth and online, and have room for expansion as your fleet operations grow.

Management Solutions for Improved Driver Safety

Analyze and Grade Driver Performance

Our fleet management software keeps a log of distracted behavior and events and grades driver performance accordingly. Controlled Fleet’s report cards are a great way to coach your drivers effectively and drastically reduce accident risk.

reduce fuel costs with route optimization

AI Dash Cams

Distracted Driving Events Detected Include:

dash cam footage

Texting While Driving

dash cam video

Eating While Driving

exonerate drivers

Smoking While Driving

fleet dash cam systems

Inattentive Driving Behavior

fleet safety

Seatbelt Alert Notifications

Save on Rising Fuel Costs

Gas prices are always steadily rising. Our fleet management solutions give you reporting features to help reduce fuel consumption for your commercial vehicles and potentially save THOUSANDS in fuel costs.

fleet management solutions including fuel savings and monitoring of driver behavior

Monitor Speeding

Going over the speed limit is a huge contributor to excessive fuel consumption. Our fleet management solutions for commercial vehicles can help monitor unnecessary speeding which adds up over time.

Idle Engine Alerts

An hour of idle time is equal to a gallon of fuel consumption. Receive automatic alerts when excessive idling occurs to further lower fuel costs.

Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

A properly maintained vehicle is up to 40% more fuel efficient than those that are not. Use our fleet management solutions to set vehicle maintenance reminders so your vehicles are always in good running condition.

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Web-Based and Mobile App

Take the Controlled Fleet App for a Test Drive

We have made it easier than ever to grab your footage within a few clicks. You can immediately be notified of any major incidents and review the footage accordingly. All critical events are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

All driver footage can be pulled by date, trip and time. All video evidence is securely stored in the cloud for up to 3 months.

  • Web-Based and Mobile App Versions

  • Unlimited training with a library of support videos

  • 24/7 customer support

Industries served

We cater to any industry with a vehicle

Our fleet tracking software can improve driver safety and lower fleet operations costs for any industry with a vehicle.

fleet operations are easier with GPS real time tracking
dash cam footage
Commercial Fleets
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Emergency Services
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Waste Management

Fleet Management Systems for Accident Management and Exoneration

Before dash cams, accident exoneration with fleet management systems was almost non-existent. With limited information (such as vehicle location, speed travelled, etc…), the fate of a fleet was left up to witness testimonies.

One of the greatest benefits of fleet tracking software with dash cams now is the ability to tell the FULL story of what happened in an accident. Don’t fall victim to nuclear lawsuits! Protect your fleet with video evidence today.

Fleets We’ve Exonerated

No Contract Software Solution

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Call us at (866) 346-1850 do receive a quick 15-minute demo of our software solution today. We will show you how easy it is to pull footage by driver, date, time as well as monitor distracted driving alerts.

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